What to watch this weekend

By admin
01 May 2014

What to watch this weekend! Al Pacino fans are in for a treat this Friday night with not one but two movies starring the legendary actor. On Saturday night you can catch a breath of fresh Brit-movie air with Dear Frankie and on Sunday there’s a lovely animation movie for the kids and a film about “the greatest manhunt in history” for the grown-ups.

Friday 2 May


e.tv 8.30 pm

Al Pacino and Robert de Niro in the same movie? Yes, please! The two big guns square off against each other as the head of a gang of professional bank robbers and the police detective hot on their heels after their latest heist.

The Devil’s Advocate

M-Net Showcase (channel 108) 10 pm

In this one Al Pacino is the ultimate bad guy – Lucifer himself. Keanu Reeves plays a hotshot lawyer who gets more than he bargained for when he lands his dream job. It’s also a chance to see Charlize Theron in one of her early Hollywood hits.

Saturday 3 May

Dear Frankie

SABC3 7.30 pm

In an attempt to protect him from the truth, Lizzie replies to her nine-year-old son’s letters to his father, pretending to be his dad. Then Frankie wants to meet his father and she has to choose between telling him the truth or finding someone to carry on the pretence for a day. With Gerard Butler.

Sunday 4 May


M-Net 10 am

This one’s for the kids. It’s basically Cars in the air but the little ones will love it all the same. Dusty Crophopper dreams of taking part in a round-the-world race. There’s just one thing holding him back – his fear of heights.

Zero Dark Thirty

M-Net 8.05 pm

This movie chronicles the decade-long hunt for Osama bin Laden from the perspective of a CIA operative who made it her mission to find him. Her character, Maya, is said to be a composite based on a number of real CIA agents involved in the hunt for Bin Laden.

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