What to watch this weekend

By admin
20 February 2014

It’s a weekend for Will Smith fans – catch him in the first (and best) Bad Boys movie tonight and on Saturday night as an anti-superhero in Hancock. If you’re still feeling the flush of love from last Friday there are a couple of good romcoms this weekend too. And don’t miss the critically-acclaimed Argo on Sunday.


Bad Boys

e.tv 8.30 pm

This is Will Smith and Martin Lawrence at their best. The duo play Miami detectives who must hunt down a stolen consignment of heroin and solve their friend’s murder. It’s amazing to think this movie is almost 20 years old – it was made in 1995!


Sweet Home Alabama

SABC3 7.30 pm

Reese Witherspoon plays a hotshot fashion designer who’s forced to return to her little backwoods hometown to get a divorce – so she can marry the guy she thinks is the man of her dreams. But who’d want to divorce a hottie like Josh Lucas? Really now…


e.tv 8 pm

Will Smith plays a superhero with a difference – he drinks, he swears, and he has no regard for the public’s safety. But that’s what makes the hard-living Hancock so loveable. So he has a PR pro, Ray, try to fix his image – until he finds out about the relationship between Hancock and his wife (played by Charlize Theron).


40 Days & 40 Nights

SABC1 8 pm

Back in the day Josh Hartnett was the adorable boy next door who didn’t know how hot he was. And is this movie he swears off rolling in the hay after a brutal break-up. Then he meets the girl of his dreams. Poor boy.


M-Net 8.05 pm

This is one you shouldn’t miss. Ben Affleck teams up with John Goodman and Bryan Cranston to play a CIA agent pretending to be a Hollywood director who’s filming a movie in Iran during a civil war. What he’s actually doing is saving US citizens who are stuck in the Middle Eastern country.

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