What to watch today

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09 January 2014

Sit back, relax and catch what’s on the tube tonight.

18:00 The Crazy Ones (M-Net): Lauren gets stuck in an expensive Victoria’s Secret bra and tries to keep it from Sydney.

18:30 7de Laan (SABC2): Errol decides whether he’s going to accept the new job offer. Will Gita survive Ty’s attempt on her life?

18:30 Rhythm City (e.tv): David tries to persuade Lucilla to bring him information about DH and Lucilla puts the mysterious woman to the test.

19:30 Revenge (M-Net): Nolan plots a revenge plan of his own while Emily goes ahead with hers.

20:00 Paulie (Sony): A talking parrot tells his life story to a janitor who then decides to find his owner. Starring Gena Rowlands and Tony Shalhoub.

20:30 Top Billing (SABC3): In tonight’s episode the top homes of 2013 are shown, which include an Antoni masterpiece and a dazzling smart home from the future.

20:30 Blue Bloods (M-Net): Danny accidentally stumbles on a case of kidnapping and Frank learns shocking news about Father Markham.

21:30 NCIS: Los Angeles (M-Net): The NCIS team is called in to investigate the kidnapping of the girlfriend of an intelligence officer.

22:00 Brothers & Sisters (SABC3): Julia gives birth to the twins prematurely, and she and Tommy are forced to make a difficult decision when their son faces life-threatening complications. Sarah and Joe tell their children Joe is moving out.

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