What was he thinking? Royal 'intruder' explains actions

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08 April 2014

A Nigerian-born man who tried to force his way into Buckingham Palace last week Friday, claims he thought he would be "welcomed" by the royal family

A ranting man who tried to enter Buckingham Palace thought he would be "welcomed" by Britain's Queen Elizabeth. Nigerian-born Tosin Odunaiya - a self-confessed illegal immigrant - was confronted by armed guards last week Friday evening as he sought a "private audience" with the monarch on his fifth attempt to get into the palace but admits he was shocked by the response his attempt to force entry received.

'I was shouting louder and louder when the Guard came over'

He told The Sun newspaper: "I wanted to speak with the queen and presumed the royal family would have welcomed me as their lost son."

The incident saw a Coldstream Guards soldier sprint 50 yards to confront the 23 year old and point a rifle and bayonet at him, but Odunaiya insists he wasn't scared, claiming the altercation began because he "told off" armed officers.

He said: "I was shouting louder and louder when the Guard came over and started shaking his gun at me. He didn't scare me. I said, 'You're a big boy now, are you?' and the Guard said, 'Yeah, I am a big boy' and shoved me away."

And the would-be intruder - who lives in London but says he hates Britain - later sent out a sinister tweet. He wrote: "Why did you have to pull that Toy on me!? If I die! I will come back at you with no mercy. Last warning."

A royal spokesperson has declined to comment on the incident.

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