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18 September 2014

We recently asked our Facebook SuperMoms if they smoke around their kids. Find out what their responses were . . .

We recently asked our Facebook SuperMoms if they smoke around their kids. Here are their responses:

What SuperMoms think:

Catherine Konczak Absolutely not! But my hubby is a smoker so he has to wear a jacket and smoke outside. He wears the jacket so smoke doesn’t get into his clothing. Afterwards he brushes his teeth, sucks on a mint and washes his hands with antibacterial soap.

Alta Booyens My husband is a heavy smoker and doesn’t care who's around him in the room or in the car – just like my grandchild’s dad and the people who are living with him.

Debby Timm No – and our home is a smoke-free zone!

Sunet Becker I smoke outside, not near my son. If he comes closer I move away. He knows he’s not allowed to come near me when I smoke.

Helen Slabbert My husband and I quit smoking when we started a family.

Is it okay to smoke around your kids?

Smoking isn’t only extremely dangerous for children, but also for everyone else around you.

Among other things, it weakens your child’s lungs, makes them more prone to ear infections and doubles the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (Sids).

At the very least, make sure nobody smokes anywhere in your house, no exceptions.

Cigarettes are effective devices for spreading harmful chemicals, including nicotine, carbon monoxide and a variety of potent human carcinogens, all over your house. If you light up in one room the smoke will be detectable in the entire house within minutes – and that includes your baby’s or child’s room.

Smoking outside won’t protect your child from second-hand smoke

Although smoking outside is better than smoking indoors, your child could still be exposed to cigarette toxins. 

Whenever you smoke, toxins such as nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide get into your hair and clothes and remain there for at least an hour.

You also continue to exhale these poisons for several minutes after you’ve extinguished the cigarette. So if you have a cigarette and then hold your child, they’ll more than likely breathe in these harmful substances.

-Janine Nel

Source: babycenter.co.uk

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