Whatever happens, SA wins

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18 June 2010

It’s the biggest stage South Africa is likely to have in 100 years. Thanks to the 2010 Fifa World Cup the eyes of hundreds of millions of people worldwide are on the country, providing a rare marketing opportunity.

Globally people are seeing a series of advertisements for SA that warm hearts, lift spirits and bring tears of pride to many eyes.

The ads show that SA, with its amazing natural beauty, offers something to just about every tourist – and potential investor.

Together with many other marketing initiatives the ads stir the hope that SA will emerge from the 2010 World Cup a winner, no matter what happens on the fields of play.

The Experience South Africa advertisements feature some of the most breathtaking images ever shown of the country.

By agreement with Fifa the ads are being broadcast to a vast global audience during the month of the tournament. That means they’ll reach a total audience of around 30 billion people if you add up everyone who’ll watch the 64 matches, Fifa says.

In one ad billionaire British businessman Richard Branson says, ‘‘One reason I love South Africa is the people. They’re incredibly brave, dedicated and proud. The cost of doing business here is also less than elsewhere in the world.

‘‘You can mix business with pleasure. Here you have the most beautiful game reserves and coastlines, the most fantastic wineries and some of the best restaurants in the world. It’s wonderful that South Africa finally got the World Cup in the midst of such fierce competition. It shows South Africa has come of age.’’

He also has a few words for overseas investors: ‘‘I hope many of you invest in this fantastic country.’’

SA Tourism’s Sugen Pillay adds, ‘‘Perceptions are definitely going to change. Thousands of foreign journalists are now getting a true sense of South Africa.’’

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