What's going on with 7de Laan's Errol's crazy new girlfriend?

By Almari Wessels
08 June 2016

Errol is in love for the first time – but it looks as if the young actress who’s stolen his heart is off her rocker.

Poor old Errol!

The adopted son of the prominent Meintjies couple – Charmaine and Neville – from SABC2’s 7de Laan soapie, is in love for the first time and it looks as if the young actress who’s stolen his heart is off her rocker.

The romance between Errol (played by Christo Davids) and Tarryn (Kay Smith) began a few weeks ago when they had to tidy a store room and were accidentally locked inside for a couple of hours.

Shortly afterwards Errol asked her to be his girlfriend, but it wasn’t long before viewers began to smell a rat over Tarryn’s bizarre antics.

First she cut Errol’s guitar’s strings and last week she shouted at him for not bringing her flowers on the opening night of her theatre performance. And that after the poor chap had worked himself into a state of exhaustion to arrange a romantic outing for her after the performance.

It wasn’t good enough for Tarryn and this week her poisonous tongue was responsible for more drama.

She has also managed to manipulate Errol into moving out of his adoptive mother’s house and shack up with her in The Hillside Heights.

Their first night in their new nest was stormy and by the end of the night Tarryn had smashed what little crockery they had.

As things stand now it looks as if viewers (and Errol) will have to steel themselves to handle the stuff she gets up to.

Facebook 7de Laan se Facebook-blad is abuzz with comments on crazy Tarryn's behaviour.

"Tarryn must build a bridge and get over herself; she has too many issues," one fan wrote. "She lies to and about Errol. She sucks and is immature. Please, do us all a favour and take her out of the Laan and get Errol a decent, sincere woman. He’s already had enough unhappiness."

Another viewer added, "The girl’s sell-by date has long been expired; please remove her from the Laan. Errol has had enough drama in his life; he deserves a sincere, normal girl."

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