What's your best Christmas memory? Bailey, Armand and other local stars look back

By admin
25 December 2015

These local stars got starry-eyed and nostalgic when we asked them what their most magical Christmas memory was!

Expresso presenter Ewan Strydom

"When I was a youngster, probably around 8 or 9, the whole family got together for Christmas eve, I still remember the smell of my Grandma and Grandpa’s house, the tree was lit and it all just looked so festive, and the I was told the big red present was mine. I couldn’t contain my excitement! It turned out to be the most insane remote controlled monster truck I have ever seen! I will never forget that moment."

Actress Stevie French

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"When I was 8 my dad took me on a trip to the US to see our family. We went to Disneyland, hung out at the beach at Club Med in Mexico and after 3 days of non-stop skiing at Lake Tahoe we spent Christmas snowed in eating toast in our cabin, drinking hot chocolate and watching Christmas movies. It was the best!"

Actress Anji Woodley

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"Sitting with the entire family (15 of us) laughing and eating Christmas pies in our sunroom, swimming in wrapping paper!"

TV Presenter Roxy Burger

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"My dad played a trick on me one Christmas. He pretended that there were no gifts for me. He handed out everyone else's and I sat there thinking Father Christmas had forgotten me! Then at the last minute he brought out a huge Barbie house for me and redeemed himself! It was hilarious."

Rugby Player Kurt Coleman

"I will never forget when I was a child, and receiving my very first bicycle. Didn’t leave that bike alone after that!"

Rugby Player Willie Britz

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"For me pretty much all of them, because I have spent every Christmas with my mom, dad and sister for the last 27 years of my life. Family is definitely the highlight of them all."

TV/Radio Personality Bailey Schneider

"Christmas time is always wonderful for me. As a little girl, I remember putting carrots out for the reindeer, milk and mince pies (the milk progressed to beer) out for Santa and then trying my best to stay awake, waiting for Santa. I never could manage and I’d wake up in the morning, with such excitement. I’d bounce out of bed, wake my little sister up and the two of us would run up to the tree to see if Santa had arrived. Once we realised he had, we’d bounce into my parents bedroom to wake them up. I must let you know this was usually at 5:30 in the morning. The only way we could get them out of bed was if we made tea for them. Christmas is magical because it’s a reminder to be grateful for family and loved ones."

Rugby Player Robbie Coetzee

"I remember, as a child, we were busy tiling the house and we all decided to sleep in the living room. We ended up staying up all night, chatting and opening presents with the Christmas tree shining brightly in the background."

Mr SA 2015 Armand du Plessis

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"Christmas spent in Thailand last year, 2014. It was celebrated with friends and family, but what stood out about this was to witness the amount of effort foreign countries, such as Thailand, put into their Christmas decorations. I visited an Orpahange on Christmas Day what an incredible feeling and memory it was celebrating it with so many happy children and their adopted families."

Rugby Player Lionel Mapoe

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"Every year we create special memories. I have never been away from my family for Christmas, so this year will be a little difficult as I am based in Japan playing in the Japanese league. We traditionally all sit together and pull crackers and really embrace the Christmas spirit."

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