WhatsApp's new 'secret' function could change everything

By admin
27 October 2016

This is big.

If your cellphone has the latest Android technology, iPhone users will be jealous. WhatsApp has a radical new function: video calling. The function isn’t yet available for iPhone users.

Basically as an Android user, you must make sure the latest software (version 2.16.318) is loaded on your smartphone. The moment you see a camera appear beside your contacts you’ll know it’s time to talk face to face, so to speak.

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But remember, as with Skype and FaceTime, you’ll need an internet or WiFi connection to be able to make that video call.

If your smart phone has the right WhatsApp version you can just press the phone option. A new window will appear giving you the choice between a standard and video call.

If the person you’re calling can’t receive video calls your call will go through as a standard call. A fault message will indicate that a video call wasn’t possible.

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WhatsApp hasn’t advertised the new function yet but users are trying it out.

On Google Play there’s currently a program available in beta. Users who want to use this function will have to download the latest WhatsApp beta version. They will be asked to register by pressing the “Become a Tester” button.

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