When things go really, really wrong on the soccer field

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05 June 2013

When things go really, really wrong on the soccer field

The first-ever amputee football match between Holland and Belgium ended in a brawl after a player pulled another to the ground by his only working leg.

With the scores at 3-3 between the two teams fighting broke out and there was a pitch invasion as the game descended into chaos in Westerloo, Antwerp, on Saturday.

Video of the match shot by Belgian news channel VTM Nieuws caught the ugly scenes on camera as players hit each other with crutches and fans joined in the clashes.

Both teams fielded one-legged players on crutches - except the goalkeepers who were missing an arm.

Belgian player Marnix Huys said he felt the game went well despite the clashes.

He said: "I felt we were doing well. A couple of beginner’s mistakes, but all in all we had reason to be happy.

"It was a pleasant match with a few incidents that should not have happened, but other than that things went well.

"In the end we got stronger and stronger both physically and technically."

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CREDIT: Caters News Agency.

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