Where is Courtney Pieters? Search for missing 3-year-old girl continues

By News24 Wire
11 May 2017

"There is nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing," said a dejected Celeste Adonis, the family spokesperson.

Thursday marks a week since tiny Courtney Pieters disappeared from near her home in Elsie's River, Cape Town.

The 3-year-old was last seen on Thursday, May 4, at the corner of Milky Way and Grand Vue roads. It is a block away from her home, in a street where children run in and out of each other's houses.

"Yesterday we went door to door again, but nothing." She is one of the streams of people coming in and out Courtney's home on Pluto Avenue to offer support.

Neighbours search for Courtney Pieters. (Jenni Evans, News24) Neighbours search for Courtney Pieters. (Jenni Evans, News24)

The girl's mother Juanita Pieters and her father Aaron Adonis had their hopes raised with two possible sightings this week. One was CCTV footage handed to police, who brought it to the family on a flash drive and played it on a laptop.

The other was of a child seen in Athlone.

While these leads were being checked by police, volunteers walked in groups around the area, hoping to find any clue.

"We even checked out the psychic's leads," said Elsie's River police spokesperson Captain Daphney O'Reilly.

"We have to follow up on everything."

Meanwhile, Adonis said the women in the area would congregate outside Courtney's house as they had been doing every morning, to decide on the next place to search.

Any leads can be sent to Captain Taylor and Colonel Themba Barnies at the Elsie's River police station, on 021 928 1400.

Jenni Evans, News24

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