Where to complain

By admin
21 January 2011

Whether it’s consistently shoddy service or being mistreated by a dentist, bank or estate agent there comes a time when you have to take a stand.

As a consumer you have the right to report any problematic incidents and have them investigated free of charge. But to whom do you complain?

There are many organisations that can help, including government institutions, independent ombudsman services and industry associations that bring poor service providers in various fields to book.

At the request of our readers we have provided a list of institutions you can approach for help with poor service. As part of the investigation they will look at both sides of the story and if they find a service provider has acted inappropriately they will help you to get compensation.

But before approaching any of these organisations first try to address the matter with the service provider yourself – and keep records of all telephone calls and correspondence.

* Pick up the latest issue of YOU (27 January 2011) now to get all the contact details.

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