Which American reality TV star sent Kate a baby gift?

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11 April 2013

The celebrity sent the Duchess of Cambridge a maternity gift, but is said to be disappointed not to have received an immediate response.

Kim Kardashian (32) has sent the Duchess of Cambridge (31) a maternity gift.

The pregnant reality series star was "really excited" to find out the British royal is due in July, the same month as the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, so she sent the duchess a letter and mystery present.

A source said: "When Kim found out the pair had similar due dates, she got incredibly excited.

"She had her PA write a kind, warm note to Kate, enclosing a gift for the future heir to the throne and explaining they were both due in July."

While Kim is reportedly disappointed she hasn't received an immediate reply from the duchess, she was keen to let her know she’ll be decorating her little one's bedroom with rubies and moonstones, as they’re associated with Cancer, the star sign both babies will be if they are born between June 21 and July 22.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, the insider added: "Kim has now employed a top astrologer in Paris to draw up all the qualities of a 2013 Cancerian baby and is busy sourcing all the icons associated with Cancer the crab for the baby's room.

"It will also be decorated with rubies and moonstones ? Cancerian gems.

"This was a piece of advice she was particularly keen to relay to the Duchess of Cambridge and was a little saddened not to have received an immediate response."

A Buckingham Palace spokesman has declined to comment on the news.

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