Which Kardashian are you?

By admin
02 July 2014

Admit it – you’ve spent an entire afternoon binge watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians more than once. Now find out which one you’re most like

How do you deal with serious problems?

(a)  Buy two pizzas to help you cope with the stress.

(b)  You whinge about it to anyone who will listen.

(c)  Problems? There’s no such thing as problems, only solutions.

(d)  You tweet about it.

(e)  You take it out on your boyfriend/girlfriend

How do you feel about Scott Disick?

(a)  He’s cool. Definitely someone you could hang out with on a Saturday.

(b)  You like him, he seems like a good friend.

(c)  You can’t stand his arrogance.

(d)  Um, you might have a Scott Disick scrapbook hidden somewhere.

(e)  You love everything about him, including his nickname, The lord.

How would your friends describe you?

(a)  Quiet and shy

(b)  Popular and super stylish

(c)  Dominant and ambitious

(d)  Fun and funky

(e)  Reserved and serious

What’s the worst thing people could say about you?

(a)  You’re fat

(b)  You’re annoying

(c)  You’re going grey

(d)  You’re not funny

(e)  Your choice of outfit sucks

During an argument you tend to . . .

(a)  Burst into tears and flee the scene

(b)  Do an ugly cry and feel very sorry for yourself

(c)  Win the argument

(d)  Scream at the top of your lungs

(e)  Give the silent treatment

What do you love doing in your spare time?

(a)  Jogging and researching healthy eating habits

(b)  Shopping for designer clothes

(c)  Plotting world domination

(d)  Looking for the next party

(e)  Chilling on the couch at home

What would you buy with your first million?

(a)  A sports car and lots of socks

(b)  Jewels, clothes and cars

(c)  Another business empire

(d)  Hair extensions, clothes, make-up

(e)  Gym equipment and supplements

How do you feel about privacy?

(a)  You value your privacy and have a close-knit group of friends.

(b)  Privacy is a waste for someone so popular.

(c)  For the right price you’d happily give it up.

(d)  You haven’t given it much thought.

(e)  You won’t trade it to get attention.

Describe your perfect partner

(a)  Athletic and it would be great if they could sing.

(b)  A romantic who’s successful in everything they do

(c)  As long as they do what you say, anything goes

(d)  You love bad boys/girls with attitude

(e)  You like serious guys/gals and being pretty doesn’t hurt either

Describe your perfect day

(a)  Chilling at home with food and movies

(b)  A visit to the spa and then lunch with friends

(c)  Suntanning, getting your nails and hair done

(d)  Goofing around with siblings and friends

(e)  Shopping and hanging at home


Mostly As

You are Rob

You have a lot in common with the only boy in the Kardashian clan. Just be careful not to blame your parents or siblings for your problems and steer clear of unnecessary drama.

Mostly Bs

You are Kim

Watch out world, there’s a new Kimmy on the block! You love all things glamorous and definitely don’t mind a bit of drama every now and then.

Mostly Cs

You are Kris

You love calling the shots and being in control. Just be careful not to bulldoze your friends and loved ones.

Mostly Ds

You are Khloé

You’re just as fun-loving and easy-going as Khloé – but just be sure to check in on how you really feel about things every now and then.

Mostly Es

You are Kourtney

You can be moody at times and have a love/hate relationship with drama and attention. Try to communicate your feelings more clearly to avoid confusion.

- Edna Isaacs

Extra source: buzzfeed.com

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