Which star would be your shopping buddy?

By admin
28 July 2014

Who hasn’t dreamt of shopping with their favourite celeb? Take this quiz and find out who’d be your ideal shopping buddy

1. Describe your style

(a)  Classic and feminine

(b)  Grungy yet girly

(c)  Classy and sexy

(d)  Bohemian

2. What’s your No 1 fashion rule?

(a)  Don’t show too much skin.

(b)  There are no rules.

(c)  It must be effortless and flattering.

(d)  Comfort.

3. What’s your favourite print to wear?

(a)  Flowers

(b)  No prints, you prefer neutral clothes.

(c)  Anything as long as its totes gorge.

(d)  As colourful as possible.

4. You want your shopping pal to:

(a)  Listen to your advice on all things feminine.

(b)  Be willing to hang out in second-hand stores.

(c)  Not take fashion too seriously.

(d)  Spend hours picking out a bunch of oversized accessories.

5. You dress for:

(a)  Admirers

(b)  Yourself

(c)  So that you don’t walk around naked. Duh!

(d)  The love of fashion

6. What’s your favourite trend?

(a)  Small, colourful bags

(b)  Worn-in leather boots

(c)  Skinny jeans and lace crop tops.

(d)  Long, flowy dresses

7. What would you wear on a date?

(a)  A dress with kitten heels.

(b)  Boyfriend jeans and an oversized blazer

(c)  Skinnies and a girly top with heels.

(d)  A long dress, floppy hat and tons of jewels.

8. Who is your fashion icon?

(a) Audrey Hepburn

(b) Lenny Kravitz

(c) Gwyneth Paltrow

(d) Drew Barrymore

9. You choose outfits based on:

(a)  What’s the most conservative

(b)  What makes you feel best

(c)  What’s popular

(d)  What fits best

10. Finish this sentence: Fashion is . . . ?

(a)  About wearing clothes that make you feel confident

(b)  About taking risks

(c)  About looking and feeling great

(d)  About wearing what you want

How did you score?

Mostly As: Taylor Swift

If you love shopping for classy summer dresses, heels, ballet flats and red lipstick, Taylor is your ultimate shopping buddy. Dressing like a lady is right up your alley and Taylor will hook you up with some vintage dresses to die for!

Mostly Bs: Zoë Kravitz

You want someone who isn’t afraid to take fashion risks and stand out from the crowd. If pairing a lace dress with old leather boots and your brother’s blazer is your idea of cool, than you and Zoë will have a ball at the shops.

Mostly Cs: Emma Stone

E is for effortless chic! There’s something sexy yet sweet about this star’s style. She’s always on trend, but doesn’t only base her buys on what’s fashionable – she also prefers the classics like a skinny jeans worn with a simple shirt and flats. Gorge!

Mostly Ds: Vanessa Hudgens

We had you at bohemian! You love experimenting with edgy styles and you believe a girl can never have too many accessories. You love comfort and lots of colour, so you and Vanessa would be a shopping spree made in heaven.

-       Edna Isaacs

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