Who is looking out for the children?

By admin
10 December 2013

Zelda la Grange, who is blogging for YOU during the 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children campaign, finds an alarming case in Vaalwater that has her wondering about the world we are creating for our children.

The 1st for Women Insurance Trust recently sponsored rape survival care packs that Bikers for Mandela Day wanted to distribute in Limpopo.

In my search for an appropriate NGO or organisation to distribute these, I stumbled upon a story in the Vaalwater district of five children, between the ages of three and eight, who were allegedly raped by two Ethiopian shopkeepers in Vaalwater.

The matter was still being investigated and it was difficult to draw the public or mainstream media’s attention to it as the facts around the case were sketchy and it was clearly going to be difficult for charges to stand in court.

As the investigation continues, the case is clouded with so many allegations of xenophobia, extortion and bad debt and one cannot help but wonder what truth or outcome would be in the interest of these five children.

I pray that they have not become victim to repeated rape by the two shopkeepers as is alleged and at the same time I also hope they are not the victims of adults who are using the children as pawns in their own game.

If they have been raped they would need counselling for a very long time – requiring services I couldn’t trace in the Vaalwater area. And I fear for the children.

If they have not been raped and these allegations are based on other grudges within the community, I pray that there is a community leader who will emerge and give guidance to these parents. It will be a very sad day if we ever get to the point of using rape and abuse as a means to settle scores.

Those children will undoubtedly suffer one way or another, regardless of the truth, for the rest of their lives. Is this the world we hope to create for our children? We simply cannot continue to bring up one bruised and damaged generation after another.

May the truth prevail and justice be done.

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Zelda la Grange, private secretary to ex-president Nelson Mandela, is blogging for YOU during the 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children campaign. Sheworks with the Nelson Mandela Foundation and does motivational talks. She is also active with projects such as Bikers for Mandela Day and Sisters with Blisters in her role as patron for the 1st for Women Insurance Trust.

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