Whoops! Cleaner throws away modern art after mistaking it for rubbish

By admin
03 April 2014

A cleaner threw away an £8 000 (R146 000) modern art installation after mistaking it for rubbish.

A cleaner threw away R146 000 worth of modern art after mistaking it for rubbish.

The woman was cleaning at a gallery in Bari, south-western Italy when she mistook a pile of cookies - displayed across the floor as part of an artistic arrangement - for rubbish left over by show organisers.

She promptly collected up the pieces of broken biscuit and gave them to the city sanitation crew.

Despite ruining the exhibition by unwittingly throwing away the artwork, head of the cleaning company, Lorenzo Roca, said the woman "was just doing her job".

Mr Roca has assured the gallery that the cleaning company will use its insurance to cover the cost of the destroyed work which is valued at an estimated £8,000 (R146 000)

- Bang Showbiz

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