Why Demi’s desperate

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23 September 2010

It’s never going to last – that’s what people thought when Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcherwalked down the aisle five years ago.

Ever since then the couple have flaunted their romance at every turn and gone out of their way to prove that despite the 15-year age gap it’s a match made in heaven.

In interviews Demi always raves about what a wonderful partner Ashton is, how good he is with her kids and what an amazing sex life they have. And on social networking site Twitter, where she goes by the name Mrs Kutcher, she always finds an excuse to post pictures of her “hubby”.

The actor reciprocates with playful tweets, bragging about how hot his 47-year-old “wifey” looks in her bikini.

This carefully crafted picture of marital bliss took a knock recently with allegations that Ashton (32) cheated on Demi on at least two occasions.

This month it was claimed he’d been seen kissing and groping an unidentified blonde in an LA restaurant. Now another woman more than half Demi’s age claims he took her to his home just days after meeting him and they had sex on the couch.

Brittney Jones (21) told American tabloid Star she had no idea the direction things would take when Ashton, dressed casually in a grey shirt, jeans and baseball cap, approached her at an LA bowling alley in July.

Brittney felt so flattered by the attention she couldn’t resist writing her phone number on a serviette and handed it to the hunk as he left about midnight.

After the latest story broke Ashton hotly denied the allegations and announced he was considering suing Star magazine but nothing has come of his threats. Instead he and Demi have gone all-out to prove they’re still head-over-heels in love.

But not everyone buys the rosy picture she’s painting of her marriage. They say her constant photo updates, which often show the mother of three in skimpy attire, and tweets make her look desperate.

Beverly Hills relationship guru Dr Carole Lieberman agrees.

“She is going overboard by tweeting pictures of herself in a bikini and of herself and Ashton looking madly in love, because she doesn’t want to believe he could have been unfaithful.”

Well, for her sake let’s hope the stories are untrue.

Read more about the allegations in YOU, 30 September 2010.

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