Why I had my kids locked up

By admin
23 August 2012

Her drug-addict kids made her life hell so she called the cops

For seven years she tried everything possible to rescue her two children from the hell of drug addiction.

She sent them to rehab time and again, hired a lawyer when one fell foul of the law and endured neighbours’ gossip about the unsavoury characters who pitched up at her home day and night.

Then after an exhausting struggle Susan Esterhuizen of Cape Town decided enough was enough – she had her two kids locked up in Pollsmoor Prison.

By that time she’d lost her job and she now lives rent-free in a room behind a friend’s house. She regards herself as a refugee, Susan says.

“My children mustn’t know where I live, please. I truly don’t want to see them again for a long time. The day came when this mother’s heart turned to stone,” the 51-year-old says. “This is my last resort. It takes a lot for a mother to do what I’ve done.”


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