Why it's actually better to start your New Year's resolutions in February

By Nombulelo Manyana
04 February 2017

January was just a drill, guys!

New year, new me. The words we utter at the beginning of every year while bursting with determination to do the things we didn’t do the previous year.

We promise ourselves to go to the gym more, eat healthier, to stop smoking and actually start saving.

But it doesn't take long for the roar of life to come thundering back and ‘Janu-worry’ comes knocking with the anxiety of everyday life.

Just like that we forget our resolutions made in the hype of the indulgent festive season.

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Robyn Farrell, Executive Head at 1st for Women Insurance, says skipping January could help you to actually fulfil some of those resolutions.

“January is not the best time for changes. How about using January to get settled back in after the festive season?”

“Clean out the clutter, throw away things you don’t need and set attainable objectives that are more in line with your current reality,” says Farrell.

Then you use the month of love as a month of change.

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In February you are more relaxed and in tune with your reality and will be able to set realistic objectives.

You would be used to being back at work and have adjusting to the New Year and what it has to bring.

Pretoria life coach Tanya du Toit says you should break all the rules about starting on the first day of the month or on “manic Monday” and rather choose a random date and day of the week.

“Instead of using the old default programming of “it has to happen on the 1st of January” press the reset button. Create new behaviour patterns and success will be inevitable.”

So if you haven’t kept your resolutions in January, you can get fab in Feb!

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