Why men cheat

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23 July 2010

Playwright Peadar de Burca (36), who is married with a baby daughter, spent five years interviewing 250 adulterous men. In the latest issue of YOUO he tells writer Tessa Cunningham of London’s Daily Mail the secrets cheating men would rather women didn’t know

De Burca says the men he interviewed were from all walks of life – doctors, dentists, lawyers, bankers, footballers, teachers and the odd millionaire. All had cheated on their partners – but only 40 had been found out. ‘‘The others got away scot free and are still at it – as are many of the men who were found out and forgiven.’’

Of the 60 betrayed women he interviewed all but three had stuck with their husbands. ‘‘I’ve been left ashamed by the tricks my fellow men get up to and horrified by the way women let them get away with murder,’’ he writes. ‘‘Women deserve better.’’

Most of the cheating men failed to understand the damage they’d caused. And when they were found out they often turned the tables on their wives. ‘‘One man boasted, ‘When my wife discovered my affair I managed to make her feel guilty. I told her it was because she’d been ignoring me and had gone off sex. In the end she was the one apologising’.’’

De Burca concludes, ‘‘If men think they can get away with it they will. The secret to keeping your man faithful couldn’t be simpler: be confident, demand attention and make it clear he’s lucky to have you and won’t get a second chance.’’

* Read the full article in the 29 July issue of YOU.

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