Why mums-to-be deserve a babymoon

By Mieke Vlok
25 March 2015

The best time to take a break is in the second trimester, as the morning sickness has usually passed by then and the discomfort of the third and final trimester is yet to come.

It's becoming ever-more popular to jet abroad while pregnant, with some couples looking at a babymoon as a necessity before their bundle of joy arrives.

We're with them; a babymoon can make the world of difference to not only your wellbeing, but also your relationship. If it's your first child there's even more reason for you to take a break before the chaos of parenthood begins.

Not convinced yet? Then let's give you more reasons.

You'll have ample opportunities to sleep, doze, nap... whatever you want to call it. As a mother-to-be you're bound to feel exhausted from carting around a little person in your tummy and are probably being kept up at night by odd sensations. And as the partner of the pregnant woman, you'll no doubt be rushing about, making sure that she's comfortable. You both deserve some shut-eye, even if it is for just a week. Just think how little you'll get once the baby arrives - fit in as much as you can now!

Lying on a beach or by the pool is the ideal opportunity to just relax and catch up on that book you have wanted to read for ages. With so much focus on buying enough nappies, making sure the cot is ready and stocking up on dozens of baby clothes, your brain can feel frazzled. Want to unwind even more? Consider turning your phone off for the majority of your getaway.

If the hotel you're staying at offers massages or treatments, indulge yourself! It will boost your relaxation levels, as well as helping you feel more comfortable in your own skin. Pregnancy has its problems, such as aches and pains, so having them worked out by a professional can help massively.

Being miles away from home may feel daunting and make you realise you're fearful of what the future holds. There's nothing to be ashamed of when confessing your troubles and this break presents an opportunity to address them rather than carry them back with you. Talk to each other and open up if anything is on your mind.

Most importantly, enjoy each other's company and revel in connecting with each other as a pair before you become three (or four, or five, or six...). Inject romance into things with some candles and a romantic bath, and try to experience as much as you comfortably can.

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