Why your partner can hinder your dry January plans

07 January 2017

Are you planning on abstaining from alcohol this January, in a bid to cleanse your body of all the booze you consumed over the festive period?

Well beware of your man during this time, as new statistics from Drinkaware show that male partners can cause your dry January resolve to crumble.

Surveying 2,000 adults, it was found 29 per cent of women admitted they would drink less if it wasn’t for their partner. Only 16 per cent of men said it was the same for them.

A lot more men also admitted to encouraging their other half to have one more drink, 33 per cent compared to 15 per cent of women.

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And only just over half, 57 per cent, of all those questioned said they’d drink less to help a partner who was trying to cut down.

“We know that couples who are planning a health regime together fare better when they really support each other,” chief executive of Drinkaware Elaine Hindal said.

Cutting down on alcohol intake, even for a short period, has been shown to help lower blood pressure, help with weight loss and repair liver damage.

Other findings from the study include the figures that 40 per cent of men and 15 per cent of women drink more than the safe level of units of alcohol a week. Reasons blamed for drinking too much include 33 per cent saying booze in the home made it harder to cut down.

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“It is really important for everyone to understand how much they are drinking, and to be aware of the safe limits when it comes to alcohol,” explained Joanna Simons, chief executive of Alcohol Concern. “Now is a great time to get a bit of help with cutting down your alcohol intake by signing up to our Dry January campaign, and encouraging partners, friends and family to take part too.

“Research shows that even a month off the booze makes a big difference to your health, saves money and helps get rid of those extra Christmas pounds.”

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