Wife cuts off husband’s penis – twice!

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15 January 2015

Hell clearly has no fury like a woman scorned.

When Chinese wife Feng Lung (21) discovered her husband Fan Lung (32) was sending risqué emails from her cellphone the fat was in the fire.

She immediately grabbed a pair of scissors, stormed into their bedroom where her husband was sleeping – and cut off his penis.

Fan was rushed to hospital where doctors managed to reattach his penis.

But that wasn’t nearly the end of his troubles.

While he was recovering in hospital his wife slipped into his room and cut off his penis a second time – after which she reportedly threw it out of the hospital window.

A severely shocked Fan immediately chased after his wife. Hospital staff found him in the street with blood pouring down his leg. He was physically assaulting Feng.

That’s when they realised his penis had been cut off a second time.

An intensive search for Fan’s manlihood proved in vain. It’s feared a stray dog or cat might have picked it up.

But Fan’s new girlfriend, Zhang Hung (21), says she doesn’t mind that he won’t be able to produce any more children. “It doesn’t matter to me – he already has five.”

Sources: nypost.com, people.com

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