Will and Jada’s ‘marriage miracles’

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21 January 2015

Jada Pinkett Smith is convinced marriage is “truly a miracle”.

The 43-year-old Gotham actress tied the knot with Will Smith in 1997 and the couple share 16-year-old son Jaden and 14-year-old daughter Willow together.

Jada is also stepmother to Will’s son Willard ‘Trey’ from a previous relationship and the stunning star is amazed by how much she’s developed as a person through family.

“On December 31st, I celebrated 17 years of marriage. This February will mark 20 years since I committed to building a life with Will. I’ve come to the conclusion that a union between two people is truly a miracle and that children are living breathing offsprings of that miracle,” she wrote on Facebook Saturday. “I think we really take for granted the power of creating a child with someone because it happens so often. And we take for granted the idea of two people finding it important to create a life together which is no small feat but rather a radical attempt!”

Jada’s main focus is how her marriage will impact posterity.

She is convinced her and Will’s commitment to each other is definitely going to help future generations succeed.

“As I continue to climb this mountain of love and union with Will, I get more and more excited to see all that he and I have created together from our mountaintop when we reach it,” Jada detailed. “When we stand together hand in hand and smile at all that’s been beautiful and at all that’s been ugly, we will bask in the love and strength that every moment has created and be at peace knowing it will be the legacy of our love and perseverance that our children and their children will be gifted from he and I when we are long gone. We got a long way to go...but God willing...we'll get there.”

Finally, Jada took a moment to support all people who are committed to supporting people in their lives.

“I want to acknowledge each and every one of you for all your creations and miracles. We are all wonder workers. How awesome is that?!” she gushed.

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