Will & Jada Smith's talented kids

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03 September 2010

They’re practically Hollywood royalty, with millions in the bank and tons of talent between them. He’s a two-time Oscar nominee whose blockbuster films have audiences flocking to cinemas; she’s a sizzling singer and actor with a published novel under her belt.

Tinseltown superstars Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith should enjoy their time in the limelight while they can. Their kids have inherited their acting talent – and they’re on their way to outshining mom and dad.

Jaden Smith (11) proved his acting chops when he starred opposite his famous dad in The Pursuit of Happyness four years ago. Now in the first film in which he plays a lead he has shown he also has the ability to put bums on cinema seats.

“I’m beginning to wonder if he even needs to live at our house any more,” 41-year-old Will quips.

Jayden’s performance has won over even hardened Hollywood critics who said he was getting a break only because of his parents. Some are now even hinting this version, out in South Africa on 17 September, is better than the 1984 original, which starred Ralph Macchio as Daniel Larusso andPat Morita as Mr Miyagi.

Like his parents the youngster seems to have dollops of confidence. Asked whether he wants to be a bigger star than his father he replied, “I’m going to try!”

Will certainly thinks he can. “We’d like to take credit for what Jaden has accomplished but the truth is he came here this way,” he says. “He has had no formal theatrical training other than good genes. There’s no telling what this kid can do.”

Jaden isn’t the only Smith child making headlines. His nine-year-old sister, Willow, is being hailed as something of a rising style icon with her spunky haircut and unusual outfits.

But Jada won’t allow her daughter, who has been likened to Rihanna, to wear the sexualised outfits seen on many young stars. “I don’t have free rein,” Willow admits.

Despite her age she already has a finger in various entertainment pies. She’s working on her debut album and she and Jaden are reportedly set to star together in Amulet, a movie based on a series of graphic novels.

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