Will Smith: Jaden only owns one pair of shoes

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13 February 2015

Will Smith’s son Jaden only has one pair of shoes because he doesn’t want to be “a slave to money”.

The 46-year-old actor and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith are famous for their relaxed approach to parenting. They believe in letting Jaden (16) and 14-year-old daughter Willow make their own decisions about their lives and Will is proud with some that his son has chosen.

“It’s such a strange thing, Jaden… he has one pair of shoes. He has three pairs of pants and he has five shirts. He has refused to be a slave to money. I so respect that… It’s such an interesting thing to watch, because I came from a middle-class background…our lights and gas would be cut off from not paying the bill… And he's from the complete other end of the spectrum,” the star explained to Esquire magazine.

'He has three pairs of pants and he has five shirts'

Will is fascinated that although Jaden has access to anything he could want he’s chosen to reject that way of life. He believes the teenager doesn’t want to grow dependent on material positions, which is why he’s living this way.

“But, I would like him to get another pair of shoes,” the star laughed.

The star and his wife may not be too strict, but they do have certain ideals they instil in their kids. Among them is “leaning into the sharp points”, which means toughing things out even when they get hard.

“Something hurts, lean in. You just lean into that point until it loses its power over you. There's a certain amount of suffering that you have to be willing to sustain if you want to have a good life,” Will explained.

The actor is promoting his new movie Focus at the moment, in which he plays a grifter. He boasts a buff physique in it which he’s proud of, although he admits feeling some body envy when he sees how ripped Hugh Jackman gets to portray superhero Wolverine.

For Will, being in peak physical condition is about more than just wanting to look the part.

“It's as spiritual and intellectual as it is physical. And emotional. I'm a better husband, I'm a better father, if my body is physically functioning at the highest possible levels,” he said.

“I enjoy pushing myself. There is nothing like having to change your physical form to put you in contact with every weak part of yourself, to train yourself in discipline.”

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