Will this motivate you to exercise?

By admin
24 April 2014

Will a stripper move you to hop on to an exercise bike? How about a giant neon stripper? It’s all just a bit of fun – watch the video here

Will a stripper motivate you to exercise? What about a double storey-sized, pink neon stripper? It’s all just a bit of fun as Nestlé launched an ad campaign for their Contrex mineral water. The water has a high calcium content and is marketed as being able to speed up your metabolism, burning calories and helping you lose weight.

The advertisement shows a row of stationary bicycles in a public square in France, each with a bottle of Contrex water next to it. Eventually people, mostly women, amble up and start pedalling – much to the crowd’s delight! The faster they pedal, the more hysterics and as the music blares, a giant neon laser-stripper makes his appearance. Clever marketing gimmick or genius way to motivate people to exercise? You decide – watch the video here.

Sources: contrex.com, dailypicksandflicks.com

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