William and Catherine won't have 'traditional' nanny

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27 May 2013

Royal expert Jenny Bond thinks Britain's Prince William and Duchess Catherine won't have a "traditional royal nanny".

Britain's Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, are unlikely to have a "traditional royal nanny".

The couple will welcome their first child into the world in July and royal expert Jenny Bond thinks they’ll be hands-on parents, tipping William to leave his role as an RAF search-and-rescue helicopter pilot to spend more time with his wife and child.

Jenny told the latest issue of Bella magazine, "William will be changing those nappies! I think we'll be hearing very shortly that he's going to leave the RAF and come closer to home.

"He's determined to be there to support Kate and his kid. They'll have to have some kind of nanny but maybe not full-time nor the traditional royal nanny."

Though Jenny doesn't think William's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, will be particularly "hands-on" with the new arrival, she expects her to show "proper" tenderness towards and interest in the baby.

She added, "I'm not sure the words 'hands-on' and 'babies' go in the same sentence as 'the queen'! Actually she's a lot closer to her grandchildren than she was to her own children but I don't think she'll be rushing around to change nappies or wind the baby. She'll show proper great-grandmotherly tenderness and interests."

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