Wills and Kate’s “arranged” marriage

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02 September 2013

There’s more to Prince William’s wife than meets the eye, if the author of a new book on the Duchess of Cambridge is to be believed.

Kate switched universities and took a gap year to get closer to her prince, claims royal journalist Katie Nicholl in her new book, Kate: The Future Queen.

Kate was all set to go to Edinburgh University in Scotland in 2000, but gave up her place to go to Saint Andrews in 2001, after William’s choice of university was made public. Kate spent a gap year in Italy in the interim.

It seems Kate may not have been the only wannabe royal wife with this idea – applications to St Andrews University rose by 44 per cent when it emerged Prince William would be studying there. This meant Kate’s decision to ditch Edinburgh – her first choice, according to the career’s adviser and house tutor at her former school – in favour of St Andrews was risky.

Ann Patching, the house mistress at Kate’s school Marlborough College, says she was surprised when Kate changed her mind about Edinburgh. “After she left school, Catherine made some different decisions, but why she made those decisions I don’t know.”

The book also claims that in 2009 Kate’s mother, Carole Middleton, “put pressure on William” to put a ring on Kate’s finger.

“William reassured her the relationship was very much on track and that there would be an engagement soon. Carole trusted William and put her faith in him,” a family friend is quoted in the book.

It was generally assumed that new parents William and Kate met at St Andrews by chance.

-Kirstin Buick

Source: dailymail.co.uk

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