Win a brand-new car with Chevrolet and Tendopro!

By admin
06 September 2016

Here's some motivation to "crack the books" on

Here's a little motivation to kick-start your online learning!

Chevrolet and are giving away three Chevrolet Sparks to Tendopro learners!

For a great deal on your Spark - book a test drive here is the free online learner support platform that rewards you for your efforts -- pretty cool right? In a nutshell, when learners complete a task, watch a video or download a question paper they earn TendoBerries, a virtual currency that can be used to buy airtime, tickets to events and of course win prizes!

Go here for more info about Tendopro

How can you enter? It's pretty easy. Visit, sign up, and start earning those TendoBerries!

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