Win a day with Cameron van der Burgh

By admin
16 May 2014

Enter a competition to win a day with Olympic swimmer Cameron van der Burgh who’s joined Disney XD’s Aim High mentorship campaign. Check it out.

Cameron, how did you get involved with this project? Why did you say yes?

I’ve achieved all my goals and I was wondering what the next thing to do is. I had the opportunity to train with a guy by the name of Giulio Zorzi; I had the opportunity to give him the knowledge and experience I have and it paid off last year when he won a bronze medal at the FINA World Championships. Looking at the excitement and happiness on his face and what it meant for him and how it made me feel, I really felt like this is something I’m quite passionate to do.

What skills as a mentor do you think you can pass on to the kid who wins a day with you?

I think whatever you want to do in life it’s always worthwhile to set goals, something you can work towards each day. You know if you can point someone in the right direction, teach them the skills they need to have in order to get there you’ve given the kid a helping hand, a push.

What were you like as a teen?

I was like any other guy and still don’t think of myself as different from anybody. I’ve definitely changed but I’m still the same guy that liked to cause trouble with my mates.

What advice would you give to your 13-year-old self if you met him for a day?

An important lesson I learnt is you have a choice about who you want to be. I think a lot of kids when they’re young get influenced about what’s cool, what they should be. They read all the magazines and watch all the movies and they want to be that cool guy they see. Luckily  I learnt early in my life that you have a choice about who you want to be, and it doesn’t matter what other people say, it’s your life. So I would probably tell myself that.

Who was your idol when you were younger?

South African Olympic swimmer Penny Heyns.

What can the winner look forward to during their day with you?

I think probably a lot of fun, and at the end of the day the winner must enjoy it. Obviously we’re going to try to teach them some things, all the things I’ve learnt, but the winner must have fun. You need to really enjoy the experience because, like I say, when you’re having fun you can be excellent at what you do. I want to show the winner that there’s a fun side of sport, there’s a fun side of life. For me it’s going to be great to interact with the winner.

What is the aim of the competition?

It’s aimed at children between the ages of six and 13, to provide kids with influential, good and healthy mentors who’ll teach them you can aim high, the sky is the limit; you can be anything you want to be. Dream big but also do something about it.

How can kids enter?

You can enter online at or until 23 June.

-Londiwe Dlomo

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