Win a pair of Oticon Opn™ hearing aids worth R75 000!

By admin
15 September 2016

Win a pair of Oticon Opn™ premium hearing aids – the best device Oticon’s ever developed.

Hearing starts in the brain and affects everything between your ears. With hearing loss, the brain doesn’t get the sound information it needs to understand what’s being said and expends more energy filling in the blanks. Conversation becomes more difficult and may cause people to withdraw from the social connections that are so important for brain health. But new BrainHearing™ technology has changed all that!

Modern hearing instruments with BrainHearing™ technology, such as the new Oticon Opn™, provide sound with the clearest, purest signal possible to support the brain’s ability to make sense of sound and reduce the cognitive load on the user.

The groundbreaking technology in Oticon Opn™, worth R75 000*, accurately distinguishes between speech and background noise, enabling your brain to make sense of sound with less effort. The result more closely mimics natural hearing than any hearing aid Oticon has ever produced.

The newest BrainHearing™ solution also connects directly to mobile phones and other external devices with just a tap of the fingertips, streaming audio directly to the hearing aids. Opn is the world’s first hearing device that is connected to the Internet of Things.

For more information on hearing health and the new Oticon Opn hearing aids visit

* Oticon hearing aids vary in price, starting from approximately R6 000. This giveaway is a premium price point for the top-of-the-range instrument and is inclusive of the instrument fitting and accessories.

How to enter

Answer the competition question and SMS your answer to 33150 by 12:00 on 14 October 2016: The new Oticon Opn™ comes with what new technology?

Competition rules, terms and conditions: The competition runs from 15 September 2016 to 12pm on 14 October 2016. Each SMS costs R1,50. Free SMSes cannot be used to enter. You have to be the legal owner of the cellphone or have the owner’s permission to use the cellphone. You may enter as many times as you like. Media24 staff and their families and the prize sponsor may not enter. You have to send the correct answer to the question to stand a chance to win. Winners will be chosen by random draw. Winners will be notified telephonically. If a winner can’t be reached within three calls during business hours, a new winner will be chosen. Media24 and the prize sponsor take no responsibility for any damage caused by entering or taking part in this competition. Prizes are non-transferable and may not be exchanged for another prize or for cash. The prize sponsor is responsible for delivery of prizes within a reasonable time (4 – 6 weeks). The colour of a prize can’t be guaranteed and is subject to availability. By entering this competition, you consent to occasionally receiving promotional material from Media24.  The giveaway prize is a pair of top-of-the-range Oticon Opn premium hearing instruments. The prize is inclusive of the instrument fitting and accessories that accompany the hearing aids. Designated professional hearing experts will handle the consultation and fitting. The winner is required to arrange his/her own transport when booking the hearing care professional appointments. Should the winner not have a hearing loss, he or she is welcome to donate the prize to a loved one who needs it. Oticon can also make available a list of possible hearing loss candidates from which the winner can select one person to donate the prize to. Should the winner’s hearing loss not be suitable for an Opn™, the next suitable instrument will be recommended. Competition prize is not transferable and no cash alternatives are allowed. In order to be eligible to enter the competition, a participant: must reside in the Republic of South Africa; and must be 16 years or older. Guardians and parents may enter on behalf of minors under the age of 16. The winner’s name may be published on the official Oticon website, Oticon official Facebook Page, Oticon official Twitter page, Oticon leaflets, communication, PR, TV, radio and possibly other media.

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