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By Shanaaz Prince
22 July 2016

Stand a chance to see Matt Moran and George Calombaris live at the Good Food & Wine show next weekend. Enter our ticket giveaway and stand a chance to win!

The foodies are in for a treat this month! The Good Food & Wine Show (GFWS) is on in Johannesburg at the Ticketpro Dome from Friday 29 July to Sunday 31 July 2016. The popular show will feature world-famous chefs George Calombaris – known for his cook books, his contribution as judge to MasterChef Australia and his entrepreneurial skills, particularly in raising the profile of Greek cuisine in Australia – and Matt Moran, known forhis appearances on TV shows such as Chopping Block, MasterChef, My Restaurant Rules and more recently his award-winning TV show, Paddock To Plate. You could be one of 20 lucky winners to walk away with double tickets to the show to taste and experience all that's on offer – maybe even getting to meet the famous culinary kings!

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The Good Food & Wine Show is Africa’s largest culinary event and this year’s theme is “Fresh”. This theme is expressed at the Johannesburg show through innovative culinary experiences, a variety of programmes, and a vast selection of local and international chefs.

YOU had a chance to catch up with the two legendary chefs.

How do you feel about coming to South Africa and would this be your first visit here?

George: This is actually my second visit to South Africa this year – but my third overall. I was in Cape Town back in May for the Good Food & Wine Show and also many years ago in 2012.

Matt: I’m so excited to be coming to South Africa and yes, it will be my first visit! It’s always been so high on my bucket list, though life is pretty busy these days and I hadn’t got around to it until now. I have a couple of South African friends who have said for years how much I’d love it, so I can’t wait.

What most excited you about the trip?

George: I’m excited to meet some of my South African fans and share my new cookbook with them. The book signings are always fun.

Matt: I’m so excited to be coming to South Africa and yes, it will be my first visit! It’s always been so high on my bucket list though life is pretty busy these days and I hadn’t got around to it until now. I have a couple of South African friends who have said for years how much I’d love it, so I can’t wait.

How did your involvement in GFWS come about?

George: I did the show a couple of years ago, and I really enjoyed the experience. When I got the invitation this year, I couldn’t wait to come back to South Africa.

Matt: I’ve been involved in the Good Food & Wine Shows in a few countries around the world and particularly back home in Australia – it’s a great event. The opportunity to do the show in South Africa came up again and the timing worked well this time so I jumped on it. I can’t wait. I’d be keen to do Cape Town next year! I’d love to have done all three shows but my schedule just wouldn’t allow it.

When it comes to South African cuisine, what are you expecting?

George: It’s been a few years since I was last in Johannesburg but some of the places I ate at in Cape Town were amazing, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what Johannesburg has in store. Matt: I love travel, I love good food and I love experiencing cuisines and different cultures. I’m all about gaining as much insight and inspiration as I can on these trips. Will you be trying out some local foods? George: Yes, for sure. Biltong always comes to mind when I’m travelling to South Africa. It’s a great little snack. Matt: I’m keen to try as much as I can, particularly a good “braai” which I’ve heard a lot about. I love a charcoal barbecue here at home but I’m told a braai is like no other!

For some of our readers who aren’t very savvy or talented in the kitchen, do you have any tips for even the novice?

George: Always taste what you’re cooking. I always recommend using fresh, seasonal produce.

Matt: Honestly, my best advice would be to start off with the basics, start with what you know and plan ahead! If you plan well and work with ingredients that you’re familiar with, then you’re off to the best start. Then you can build on it and go from there. I’d also advise shopping at local farmers’ markets to by in season ingredients. I’m a big believer in seasonality and buying directly from the farmers. The produce will be fresher, likely more affordable and packed full of flavour too.

Any tips on how families can enjoy spending time together in the kitchen?

George: I’m really fortunate that my partner, Natalie, does all the cooking at home, and she keeps the meals fresh and healthy. I try to make sure we all sit down to eat together when we can, and my kids are really good with their meals as they’ll always eat what we eat. My favourite family meal is a simple schnitzel with a fresh salad.

Matt: Let them help out and make it fun! I find that most kids will happily help out and they also like to eat food they’ve helped make, so preparing meals together and making it fun is the best way to keep them doing it. Whether it’s helping to measure ingredients, or carry items from one place to another, or pouring in liquid, there’s always something they can do to be involved. My daughter loves baking at the moment, possibly in part because she gets to lick the bowl!

And some family-friendly recipe tips? George: Keep things simple, and also use local fresh ingredients. Don’t complicate things. Matt: Plan your meals for the week in advance and incorporate any leftovers into the next day’s meals. Use ingredients you’re familiar with before you start to build your repertoire before your skills are there. You’ll have more fun, be more comfortable in the kitchen and achieve a better result if you set yourself a realistic task. Read the recipe in full before you start cooking. You’d be surprised how many people rush in and miss a crucial step. Use ingredients that are in season – they’ll be at their prime and fresh with more flavour, so you’re off to the best start. Always have sharp knives. People often think that sharp knives are more risky but actually blunt knives slip more easily. Season well and be sure to taste as you go.

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