Woman busts her boyfriend cheating after hiding in his BOOT – and live tweets the whole thing

By Samantha Luiz
23 April 2016

Hell hath no fury like a scorned woman with a Twitter account.

After finding out that her boyfriend was cheating on her, Twitter user @vickto_willy climbed into the boot of his car and live tweeted it to her 5000 followers. She filmed the encounter too. In a series of tweets reminiscent of Kanye West's bizarre Twitter tirade, @vickto_willy described how she came to realise her boyfriend was up to no good. Read more: Kanye goes rogue on Twitter, Amber Rose shuts him down with one horrifying hashtag

Deciding to catch him "off guard" with the woman he was allegedly cheating with, she decided to hide in the boot. Read more: The awful way a man discovered his girlfriend was cheating on him – with his own father
"My ass remembered he always leave his passenger door unlocked cause that's the only lock in his car that don't lock," she tweeted, adding that her friend helped her close the trunk just enough "where I can hold it closed so it's not actually closed".

When the car came to a full stop, she climbed out of the trunk and "casually knocked on his window like it was the front door."

Warning: the following clip contains strong language

"Thats the end of the story cause I don't wanna sit here & tell y'all that I broke up with [him] or that we happily ever back 2gether." she tweeted.

"or that he done wit my shenanigans cause we all kno when it come down to that person u love*attached to* anything bound to happen."

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