Woman cuts off alleged rapist's penis

By Kim Abrahams
22 May 2017

The assault had apparently been ongoing for several years.

A woman cut off a man’s penis after he allegedly tried to rape her

Fifty-four-year-old Gangeshananda Teethapadam allegedly attempted to sexually assault a 23-year-old law student at her residence in the southern state of Kerala, India, on Friday.

"She used a knife in her defence and cut off his penis," district police chief G Sparjan Kumar said.

The man is believed to have portrayed himself as a religious leader, or swami, and was respected and trusted by the young woman’s parents.

"The woman told us her parents blindly trusted this swami, and he used to get frequent invites to perform special ceremonies and stay over at their house, where he assaulted her," said Kumar. The man had reportedly been abusing her for several years.  

But in a shocking twist, the woman's mother might now be arrested for keeping mum about the alleged ongoing abuse.

According to the student, she’d told her mother about the sexual assault and her mom did nothing.

Following the attack, the so-called swami was rushed to a nearby hospital. He underwent emergency medical procedures and local media reported he’s in a stable condition.

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"It was difficult to stitch the cut-off portion. The surgery was done to stop bleeding and to restore the urinary tract," read a statement from the hospital. The woman is now under police protection and is receiving trauma counselling. Police have said they feel it is their responsibility to “morally support” her and haven’t charged her with a crime.

Sources: telegraph.co.uk, timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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