Woman dies in fiery crash after husband drives off bridge

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31 March 2015

A motorist drove off a partially demolished bridge because he was using an obsolete GPS. His wife was killed in the accident.

Iftikhar Hussain (64) drove his Nissan Sentra off the Cline Avenue Bridge in East Chicago, Indiana, which has been closed since 2009.

The car plunged more than 11 m and burst into flames.

Iftikhar’s wife, Zohra Hussain (51), died of burns. He was taken to a nearby hospital with non-life-threatening injuries after escaping from the car before it burst into flames.

Police say Iftikhar told investigators he’d followed the directions of his navigation system. It allegedly told him to take an exit towards the bridge, which spans the Indiana Harbour and Ship Canal.

The police point out there are many signs, cones and concrete barriers indicating the bridge is closed.

The couple, from Chicago, were on their way to visit family in Indiana and probably weren’t familiar with the area.

The Cline Avenue Bridge was closed to road traffic in 2009 because it had become unsafe as a result of neglect.

Sources: Chicago Sun Times, News.com.au, New York Daily News

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