Woman discovers her husband is having an affair with the maid – thanks to their PARROT

By Kirstin Buick
26 October 2015

Well this is squawkward.

Apparently this philandering husband was too careless with his whispers...

A man from Kuwait found himself in hot water after his parrot started repeating his flirtatious conversations with the housemaid, according to The Mirror.

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Naturally his wife was furious about the affair, and went to the authorities with the parrot as evidence. Adultery is illegal in the Gulf state and if found guilty, the man could have ended up in jail for his indiscretions.

Luckily for him, however, officials rejected the parrot as, er, a witness, stating he could also have picked up the lewd comments from the TV or radio, local newspaper Al Shahed Daily reports.

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Sources: Mirror.co.uk, Metro.co.uk

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