Woman discovers her stalker of 10 years is her own husband

By admin
10 July 2015

Imagine, for nearly 10 years you receive emails from a stranger threatening to attack and rape you, only to find out your stalker is your own husband.

This is what happened to a woman to a woman of Lindon in the American state of Utah.

Since 2006 the mom-of-three has been receiving horrible emails in which the stalker threatened to attack and rape her. Some days her anonymous tormentor bombarded her with up to 40 such emails.

At the time she used to turn to her husband for comfort and reassurance, something which he apparently gladly gave her.

She eventually decided to tell the police about her online bully.

To her amazement her husband admitted he’d been her tormentor.

He explained he did it out of revenge for an extramarital affair she’d had 10 years earlier.

His wife, whose identity is being protected, has in the meantime left her husband and got a protection order against him.

Sources: dailymail.co.uk, mirror.co.uk

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