Woman e-mails her crush insane PowerPoint presentation on why he should date her

By Kim Abrahams
22 April 2017

But his response will crush your soul.

Remember gazing at your crush from a distance, daydreaming about your lives together, your future children... even though you could never quite pluck up the courage to tell them how you felt?

Well, one woman was not going to crush the hope of a romance because of a few butterflies. So she decided to e-mail her a crush a PowerPoint Presentation explaining why he should date her.

'Why You Should Date Me', Lizzy Fenton dubbed her slideshow. She clearly wanted her crush, Carter Blochwitz, to know at first glance what was up!

PHOTO: Twitter PHOTO: Twitter

In the presentation, she aims to convince him to go out with her, listing her growing boobs, financial stability, sense of humour and great fashion sense as reasons. She even offers him more than simply a monogamous relationship: “Monogamy not your style? No Problem. Dating me is like having three different girlfriends. “My diverse hairstyles allow me to look like three completely different people.”

She ends her epic presentation with ‘recommendations’ from Channing Tatum, The New York Times and Carter’s ex.

PHOTO: Twitter PHOTO: Twitter The student from the University of Minnesota detailed the exchange on Twitter and her followers absolutely loved it. So much so, Microsoft Office even took note. They commended Lizzy on her ‘dang great’ presentation.

Carter, however, didn’t seem that impressed. He responded -- rather rudely -- with: “This is very nice. Please stop contacting me.”

Whether it was a joke is unclear, as it seems Lizzy and her crush are friends.

lizzy and carter PHOTO: Facebook

A Twitter account, which appeared to belong to Carter, denied the claims, saying it wasn't him.

Either way, Lizzy’s out-there approach to express should serve as an inspiration to the rest of us ladies. Be bold, be brave. He might just be the one!

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