Woman falls pregnant just six weeks after giving birth – with TWINS

By Lauren Klaasen
25 February 2017

Eliza and Ben welcomed three children into the world in less than a year.

Little Charlie was only six weeks old when her parents found out she was about to become a big sister.

A couple from Sydney, Australia welcomed three kids into the world last year. Baby Charlie was born in January followed by identical twins Jack and Wolfe, who came along in December, The Sun reports.

Charlie and twins Charlie and her little brothers, Wolfe and Jack. PHOTO: Facebook

Eliza Curby fell pregnant with Charlie just three months after she and partner Ben had started dating – so they certainly weren't expecting to see the labour ward twice in less than a year.

“When we found out Ben's face just went white,” Eliza told Daily Mail Australia.

It took Eliza four pregnancy tests before a test came out positive. Her persistence were due to her "motherly instincts" as she had a suspicion that she was pregnant again.

Jack_and_Wolfe Jack and Wolfe at three days old. PHOTO: Facebook

She experienced intense fatigue and exhaustion shortly after Charlie’s birth that did not seem normal to the first-time mom.

A month after bringing Charlie into the world, she told Ben that she thought she was pregnant again. And he just laughed.

The 27-year-old told said she “didn’t even think about contraception” after Charlie’s birth.

But doctors confirmed her suspicions -- and revealed that they were expecting not one, but two more bundles of joy.

Charlie_and_parents Charlie is now just over a year old. PHOTO: Facebook

Although Eliza was happy about the news, she was also scared.

“Emotionally it took me about two months and somewhere around 2000 Google ‘twin pregnant stomach’ images to come to terms with the news,” she told News.com.au.

Eliza’s body hadn’t had a chance to recover properly after Charlie’s birth and she had to mentally and physically prepare herself to carry a heavier load than before.

Eliza_pregnant Eliza a week before giving birth to her twin boys. PHOTO: Facebeook

“I was however lucky to have a problem-free pregnancy. Both boys made it to over 36 weeks, which was the goal, and passed the 3 kg mark,” Eliza said.

It was not an easy journey for Eliza bringing three kids into the world in such a short time frame. In her personal blog, Twingenuity, she writes about her experiences while she was pregnant.

In a blog post about how tired she was, she wrote that she “put the milk in the dishwasher” and “used my breastmilk for my coffee.” And things haven't eased up since the boys' birth. The family goes through about 20 nappies a day — that’s 140 a week! Eliza continues to learn how to do everything in threes, and while she learned a lot from the experience she “doesn't have any tips for any other mums in the same situation.” “I was trying to think of some tips the other day for my blog and realised I probably don't have it together enough for that yet.”

Sources: The Sun, Daily Mail, news.com.au

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