Woman finds lost iPhone in bathroom, makes terrifying discovery

By Kirstin Buick
26 February 2017

There are some settings you need to change on your phone, STAT.

When this Twitter user found a lost iPhone and attempted to return it, she made a pretty frightening discovery – and it should serve as a warning to anyone with a smartphone.

Being the noble citizen she is, @afronomics wanted to return the wandering phone back to its rightful owner. Read more: This web page is crashing people’s iPhones – but is it dangerous? Clearly a savvy tech user, the woman used Apple's virtual voice assistant Siri, to try figure out who said owner was.

She manage to delve even further into the owner's personal life...
And she managed to do all this while the phone was LOCKED.
In a matter of minutes, the woman had managed to track down the iPhone's owner, call her and return the phone. Apparently the girl who had left her phone in a public bathroom had no idea all her personal info was that easy to access.
Luckily, there's a pretty quick fix for iPhone users, as Good Samaritan extraordinaire @afronomics points out.

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