Woman finds 'nasty surprise' in her coffee

By Robyn Lucas
08 July 2017

She claims that after taking a few sips of the coffee she felt a "foreign object" stuck at the back of her throat.

A woman will be seeking legal advice against a coffee giant after taking a few sips of her bottled latte --

and nearly swallowing a cockroach.

The customer, who's only known by her surname, Yang, bought a bottle of Nescafé SmoovLatte from a corner shop in the city of Chengdu, capital of South-Western China’s Sichuan Province.

PHOTO: Magazine Features PHOTO: Magazine Features

When Yang spat out the coffee out and turned the bottle upside down, she was horrified to see a dead, 3 cm cockroach lying in front of her.

The traumatised woman didn't disclose the shop's name but has contacted the local authorities to investigate the bizarre incident.

Nescafé representatives in Chengdu have denied there are any quality issues with their coffee and didn't comment on whether they’re investigating the matter or if they’ll be compensating Yang, according to a report.


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