Woman freezes to death after leaving a party in shorts

By Petrus Malherbe
20 January 2016

A woman from the American state of Wisconsin was found frozen to death after she left a party dressed in shorts and a tank top.

The temperature outside was -32 °C.

A passer-by found Elizabeth Luebke’s body a few blocks from where the party was held.

Video material from security cameras in the area show Elizabeth (21) wandering down the street dressed in only shorts and a top and suddenly collapsing. The incident happened in the early hours of Sunday after a concert the previous night in her hometown, Milwaukee.

Authorities confirmed that Elizabeth’s body was largely frozen when it was found and that she wasn’t dressed for the cold. A warm top was found near her body.

A friend told news channel Fox 6 that Elizabeth had had an argument with a fellow party-goer and left.

“She was very drunk when she arrived at the party,” the friend said. “She got into an argument with a friend and stormed out.”

Meanwhile Elizabeth’s mother has told the police that Elizabeth frequently drank too much and had been treated for alcohol poisoning in hospital last October.

The police want to know why exactly she left the party and what the circumstances surrounding the argument were.

People have taken to Twitter to ask how her friends could have allowed her to go outside in such freezing weather dressed only in a top and shorts.

Sources: Buzzfeed; Daily Mail

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