Woman gets the ultimate revenge on cheating boyfriend

By Kirstin Buick
28 October 2016

He asked to be reimbursed for concert tickets. She was having none of it.

Payback time?

For Harriet and her ex Dan, it certainly was. In more ways than one.

A Twitter user known only as "Harriet" from Cheshire in the UK, shared screen grabs of a hilarious text exchange between her and her ex boyfriend, whom she claims was unfaithful.


"I want the money for my JB [Justin Bieber] ticket back please," Dan (a snake, apparently) texts her.

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Harriet responds, "You said u didn't?", to which Dan replies, "Can I just have my money back please".


Harriet agrees -- and uses it as an opportunity for revenge.

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As such, she set up a direct debit -- which will transfer exactly 1p (pence -- equivalent to about 17 cents) every day until Dan is paid in full. According to BroBible, this should only take about 17 years.

payment sent

Harriet even shared a screen grab of the payment confirmation - in which she gives him a very colourful name...

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