Woman gives birth to 6.8kg baby - the heaviest ever recorded in india

By Jacques Myburgh
01 June 2016

A mother in India has given birth to what doctors believe may be the biggest baby in India.

The massive baby girl weighed 6.8kg’s at birth – about as much as a normal baby’s weight at 6-month-old.

Her 20-year-old mother, Nandi, delivered her by C-section in the southern suburbs of Karnataka in India. Doctors also noticed that the baby is a lot longer than what baby’s usually are at birth.

"The baby's height is 62cm as against the normal Indian baby's height of 50cm," said Dr SR Kumar, who is looking after Nandi and her baby.

Doctors are currently busy conducting tests to determine why the baby was born so big.

According to Dr. Kumar babies can sometimes be abnormally large at birth when the mothers suffer from diabetes, which Nandi doesn’t.

The record for the biggest baby born in India previously was a son born at 6.7kg.

The record for the biggest baby ever born was an Italian boy, Carmelina Fedele, who was born in 1955 and broke the scale at 10.2kg.

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