Woman is terrified of wardrobes

By admin
16 May 2014

Er, no trips to Narnia for this lady then ... A woman has confessed that she is petrified of wardrobes and has to avoid looking at them in any form.

Er, no trips to Narnia for this lady then. A woman is terrified of wardrobes.

Kirstie Hughes claims she's been petrified of the harmless storage units ever since she watched 2004 horror film Godsend, which sees a boy dragged into a wardrobe by an unknown creature.

She's now had to resort to turning her bed away from her own cupboard at night in case something jumps out at her, and the 20-year-old barmaid confessed she can't even watch children's films such as The Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe and Monsters Inc because she's scared they'll exacerbate the problem.

Miss Hughes, who also avoids the closet aisle in furniture stores, says those closest to her don't believe in her illness.

She told the Metro newspaper: "My friends and family laugh at me. Nobody takes it seriously.

"They think it's a joke but I do genuinely have a phobia of wardrobes."

- Bang Showbiz

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