Woman kills herself over fears boyfriend would be forced into arranged marriage

By Kirstin Buick
15 January 2016

"I love you… I’m doing this for you," the aspiring fashion designer told her boyfriend. Then she stepped in front of a truck.

Suk Yin Cheng (20), known as Caley to her friends, was terrified her boyfriend Mohammad Khalil (22) would be forced to marry someone else, an inquest has heard.

So the young woman decided to take her own life, calling her boyfriend of two years before she flung herself into a dual carriageway in July last year.

An inquest into her death in East Staffordshire in the UK heard that Mohammad and Caley were inseparable and that Mohammad wanted to marry her.

He had seen Caley the evening before her death, Mohammad told police, and she had "she seemed fine, happy and smiling".

But after leaving his house that evening she drove to the busy dual carriageway. She pulled over into a resting area on the side of the road and called Mohammad at about 12:15 am on July 1.

“She said that she loved me and that she was doing this for me. I did not know why she was saying that,” Mohammad said.

After ending the call, Caley stepped in front of the truck, dying at 12:40 am of multiple injuries.

While investigators found that Caley had told her friends on social media that she feared Mohammad would be forced to marry another woman, Mohammad said they had not discussed this on that night.

The Staffordshire South Senior Coroner Andrew Haigh ruled that Caley had "committed suicide while distressed" at the inquest on Wednesday, which members of her family also attended.

"Caley was a warm-hearted person and a family girl," Caley's uncle Michael Cheng said after the inquest. "She had a good sense of fashion and was a positive girl and an optimist.

"It is still very hard to believe she would do this in this way as it is so unlike her. Everyone from the family will remember her and love her always."

Sources: The Telegraph, The Metro

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