Woman loses 95 kgs after she is given only four years to live

By Pam Magwaza
04 May 2017

She is now training to become a bodybuilder.

At her heaviest, she weighed 193 kg!

Michele Elbertson from Philadelphia in Pennsylvania was told by her doctor she wouldn’t make it to 27 if she continued with her bad eating habits. The now 30-year-old had been morbidly obese and described herself as a carbohydrate and fast-food lover.

At her lowest point, Michele said, she’d eat a meal that could feed a family of four all by herself and once broke her foot in three places because of the pressure her body exerted on her feet.

"I remember walking from class to campus and my body was so heavy the weight was breaking the bones in my feet. I had to wear flip-flops all the time. I broke my foot in three places because of the weight on my feet. They were taking a pounding."

“I’d frequently visit McDonald’s and Burger King and was addicted to fizzy drinks.”

Upon visiting her doctor and telling him about her excessive eating and weight issues, he gave her a huge wake-up call.

"I was very honest with my doctor. I told him I ate fast food multiple times a day and could barely walk to the end of the block without getting winded.

"He looked very serious and told me if I continued down the path I was on I wouldn’t live to see 27.

"I knew I was morbidly obese but that was the moment I realised I needed to do something, it wasn’t just people making fun of me anymore, it was life or death."

After this, Michele says, she had a gastric band fitted, which helped a lot to better manage her overeating problem. She also worked out regularly and has since run more than 30 marathons.

Michele has now lost more than 95 kg and is looking healthier than ever.

"My life and mindset has changed completely. I’m happier and more confident. When I was overweight I was shy and intimidated by people. Now I’m the polar opposite," she told Viral Thread.

Michele is now planning to become a bodybuilder and will enter her first competition next year.

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