Woman poured drain cleaner in her eyes to fulfil fantasy of being blind

By Samantha Luiz
05 October 2015

A woman arranged to have drain poured in her eyes so she could fulfil her childhood dream of being blind.

Jewel Shuping, from North Carolina, started fantasizing about being blind during her childhood. When she was six years old, she would spend hours staring at the sun hoping it would damage her eyes. Jewel then took “blind-swimming” or pretending to be blind when she was a teenager. This saw her wearing thick, black sunglasses. She also got her first white cane at 18, and was fluent in braille by 20.

'The idea kept coming up in my head'

“The idea kept coming up in my head and by the time I was 21 it was a non-stop alarm that was going off,” she told Barcroft.

When she was older, the 30-year-old was diagnosed withs, a psychological condition where healthy people believe they are meant to be disabled in some way.

In 2006, Jewel took her fantasy to the next level when she got a willing psychologist to pour drain cleaner in her eyes to make her wish come true. The unnamed psychologist reportedly poured numbing eye drops into each of Jewel's eyes, followed by two drops of drain cleaner.

According to Jewel, the process was extremely painful and took about six months for the damage to fully take effect. “My eyes were screaming. I had some drain cleaner going down my cheek, burning my skin.

In the moment, all I could think of was ‘I am going blind; it is going to be OK.'” One eye was so damaged it had to be removed. The other remains but she now suffers from glaucoma and cataracts.

“If someone were to say that it’s fundamentally selfish to blind myself, I would say that it’s selfish to refuse treatment to somebody with a disorder. This is not a choice, it’s a need based on a disorder of the brain.” It is not yet known if the psychologist will be facing prosecution.

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